PetSensus is an animal wellness ecosystem created for happier, longer-living pets
Coming in 2019
Our mission
We empower pet owners take the best possible care of their pets, and help R&D organisations make scientific breakthroughs.
The result: more happy years with our beloved pets.
Martin Razuks-Ebels
Deep-tech venture entrepreneur
& business consultant
BSc Stockholm School of Economics
Maryna Petrychenko
Deep-tech entrepreneur & Financial Analyst
MBA Finance & Management
Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD
Chief Longevity Officer
Founder and CEO at Insilico Medicine, AI for drug discovery, longevity expert
Konstantin Romantsov
System Architect
software developer specializing in biomedical data. +15 yrs in IT solutions, database and web development
Lucy Ojomoko
Senior Scientist
Molecular biologist, 10 yrs in experimental and applied biology: gene therapy, neurobiology.
R&D in human and animal genetics
Nikolajs Petrovics
Lead Analyst
Financial Consultant
Stockholm School of Economics
Warren Rickard
Member of Board of Directors
at the PETCO Foundation
Animal health entrepreneur
Erin Chu, DVM, PhD
Senior Veterinary Geneticist at Embark Veterinary, Inc.
Medical Genetics Expert
Anna Skaya
CEO BasePaws
E-commerce & Advertising Guru

Alexey Moskalev, PhD
Professor at MIPT
Head of Molecular Radiobiology and Gerontology
Anastasia Georgievskaya
GM at Youth Laboratories
Bioinformatics & AI expert
MSc Bioengineering
Garri Zmudze
CEO Longenesis
Early blockchain & longevity tech investor
Emil Syundyukov
MedTech R&D lead
Charles Babbage prize winner
GapSummit Leader of Tomorrow
Sergey Jakimov
Venture Tech Entrepreneur
Intellectual Property Expert
LLM Law & Finance
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